Event Policy

  1. Details and Conditions for Participation

  • For detailed information about the event, including how to participate, please refer to the specific event's announcement notice.
  • The details of each event are subject to change or cancellation depending on any unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the announcement may be updated accordingly.
  • Participation in each event may be restricted based on the age rating of the game, not the actual age of the participant.
  • Our company is not responsible and will not offer compensation for failure to participate in an event due to personal network issues or similar reasons.
  • For offline events, any losses or accidents will be handled according to the insurance policy associated with that event.
  • In cases where the information on the event pages or in the winner announcement notices differs from these guidelines, the information on the specific event pages and winner announcement notices will take precedence.


  1.  Conditions for Winning and Selection in the Event
  • For each event, you can immediately check if you've won or find out the winners on a pre-announced date through an announcement on our website.
  • You can only win once per event; we generally follow a 'one win per person' rule. Exceptions are made if multiple winnings are explicitly allowed on the event page.
  • The process and probability of winning are confidential. The procedure for selecting event winners includes:



(1) Assessing eligibility among those who have met the event completion conditions:

  · Checking for any breach of operational policies or participation through unfair means.

  · Reviewing any wins in other events over the past three months (exceptions may apply based on the event's nature).

  · Ensuring that the participant is not an internal staff member or related to one.


 (2) Finalizing winners from those who meet these internal criteria.


* Participants may be disqualified and required to return prizes in the following scenarios:

 - If winning is achieved through unfair means such as identity or account fraud, exploiting bugs, or gaming the system.

 - If using another person’s or fake account information.

 - If they have deleted their game account or faced restrictions due to policy violations in the last six months.

 - If the participant's nickname is deemed inappropriate.

 - If the contact information provided is incorrect, or you are unreachable.

 - If inaccurate or incomplete information is given for event participation or prize receipt.

 - If the prize is returned due to absence, incorrect information, or other related reasons.

 - If the winner explicitly refuses the prize or fails to express their acceptance.

 - If they do not comply with the company’s guidelines for tax or duty payments within the specified period.


* Additional Conditions for Post Verification and Sharing Events.
Shared posts on social media must be publicly visible and clearly verifiable at the time of winner announcement.

  • If any identifiable text in the post contains inappropriate content, it may lead to disqualification.
  • If the poster is found not to be an actual user of the game, they may be disqualified.
  • If the post is in violation of copyright laws or is determined to be plagiarized from another person’s post, the winner may be disqualified and required to return the prize.


● Withholding Tax in South Korea

  • Withholding tax is a tax imposed on certain types of income, including prizes. If the value of the prize exceeds 50,000 KRW, a withholding tax of 22% (20% income tax and 2% local tax) is levied according to the Income Tax Act and Local Tax Act. (Prizes valued at or below 50,000 KRW are exempt.)
  • Detailed handling follows the Income Tax Act, Local Tax Act, and other relevant laws.

● Notes on Withholding Tax in South Korea

  • We will provide the winners with details on how to deposit the withholding tax via bank transfer and how to submit a copy of their ID through phone, email, or event notifications.
  • Even if we cover the withholding tax, collecting related documents such as a copy of the ID may be necessary for tax processing.
  • If we cover the withholding tax, the amount will be reflected as other income on the winner's comprehensive income tax report. This includes the cash value of the prize plus the withholding tax. If a winner does not wish for this, they may decline the prize.

■ Guidelines for International Prize Recipients:

  • For international shipments, additional procedures for personal data collection and tax compliance may be necessary under relevant laws.
  • Winners who do not comply with requests for necessary information and document submission within the set timeframe may be disqualified.
  • Tax and related costs are handled according to the local laws of the recipient's country.

3. Prize Distribution and Delivery

  • Prizes are subject to change with items of similar value without prior notice, based on our company's discretion.
  • Prizes are not transferable, and winners cannot request cash or other alternatives instead of the awarded prize.
  • For shipping, please ensure your address and contact details are accurate and follow the guidelines provided on the event page or in the relevant announcements.
  • If multiple shipping details are submitted, the most recent information provided before the deadline will be used.
  • Delivery times can vary based on the type of prize and may be subject to delays due to external factors or our internal processes. For any inquiries, please reach out to our customer service team.
  • For tangible prizes, the possibility of reshipment varies depending on the type of prize, and reshipment is not possible once the prize's validity period has expired.
  • Any updates or changes related to withholding tax payments or prize collection will be communicated via winner announcement notices. We are unable to assist with issues arising from not acknowledging these updates or changes.
  • Our company does not take responsibility for any losses incurred during participation in the event or from the usage of prizes, and any related disputes or claims are subject to relevant laws.
  • Rules for In-Game Currency and Item Prizes:
  • Prizes will not be awarded to accounts without an active character or to accounts with characters that are deleted or scheduled for deletion.
  • Prizes are limited to one per account unless specifically stated otherwise on the event page.
  • Once awarded, prizes cannot be recovered if they are used or deleted. Furthermore, adjustments to the prizes might be made if necessary for game balance or operational reasons.
  • Delivery of item prizes will follow the schedule and method outlined in the winner announcement and respective notices.
  • For prizes delivered via in-game mail, the collection period may vary depending on the event. This period can be checked directly in the game’s mailbox.

4. Privacy Policy

  • If selected as a winner, certain game information such as the guild name and a masked version of your nickname may be published in announcements for the purpose of winner notification.
  • For social media events, personal information (social media name and/or ID) may be partially masked and published.
  • To award prizes, winners' personal information may be collected with their consent.
  • For prize delivery, necessary information (such as name, phone number, address) will be provided to the delivery service and will be destroyed upon completion of the delivery purpose. However, this does not apply if there is a legal requirement to retain personal information.
  • If you do not wish your personal information to be collected or shared, you may refuse consent for its collection or decline the event prize.
  • Other matters related to personal information will adhere to our full [Privacy Policy].

5. Other Applicable Terms

  • By participating in the event and claiming rights to the prizes, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions.
  • You consent to delegate all rights related to the event to our company (HYBE IM).
  • Any disputes or claims related to the event or prizes will be governed under the laws of the Republic of Korea.
  • The contents of these event protocols are subject to updates at any time according to changes in relevant laws, regulations, and our internal policies.


These event policies will take effect from March 5, 2024.